Funnel Pro – Core

$41.50 / month

A transformative module for the Commerce Copilot Digital Application Platform, Funnel Pro enables businesses to leverage high-converting sales funnels. Bundled with a Landing Page, Checkout Page, optional Upsell Page, and a Thank You Page, it’s an all-in-one solution for streamlined online sales. Activation requires the E-Commerce Package. Elevate your e-commerce journey with Funnel Pro!



Step into the future of online selling with Funnel Pro, an exclusive module offered by Commerce Copilot for their Digital Platform. With Funnel Pro, you can effortlessly craft a high-converting sales funnel journey for your customers. Designed to seamlessly integrate with the Commerce Copilot ecosystem, Funnel Pro is the perfect add-on for those seeking to elevate their e-commerce strategy.


Tailored Sales Funnel: Each purchase provides a complete funnel, including a Landing Page, Checkout Page, an optional Upsell Page, and a Thank You Page.

Global Checkout & Thank You Page: Enhance the post-purchase experience for your customers with a universal checkout and thank you page.

Premium Templates: Kickstart your funnel design with our handpicked templates. Each is crafted to ensure optimal conversion rates.

One-Click Upsell Option: Maximize revenue opportunities by presenting customers with tempting upsells after their primary purchase.

No Backend Hassles: As a SaaS module, you don’t have to worry about backend access or maintenance. Commerce Copilot takes care of all the technicalities.

Integration Excellence: Designed to work flawlessly with other modules in the Commerce Copilot Digital Platform.


Enhanced Conversion Rates: With a streamlined sales funnel, transform more visitors into loyal customers.

Simplified Experience: Leave the complexities behind. Commerce Copilot handles all the backend intricacies, letting you focus on selling.

Optimal Compatibility: The Funnel Pro module integrates effortlessly with the rest of the Commerce Copilot Digital Platform for a unified user experience.

To activate the Funnel Pro module, the E-Commerce Package from Commerce Copilot is mandatory. This ensures seamless integration and optimal functionality.

Who is it for?
Funnel Pro is designed for business owners and marketers who use the Commerce Copilot Digital Platform and wish to enhance their online selling capabilities. From startups to established brands, if you’re on the Commerce Copilot platform, Funnel Pro is your ticket to higher conversions.

Navigate the digital selling space with finesse. Equip your Commerce Copilot Digital Platform with the Funnel Pro module and watch your online sales soar!


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